We provide rehabilitation services specifically designed to meet the needs of seniors in long-term care and retirement homes

Services for Homes:

  • Falls prevention program and toolkit
  • Evidence-based care pathways designed for episodic care funding
  • Innovative exercise programming for both long-term care and retirement/community settings
  • Adult day program support
  • Nursing Restorative Rehab training and consulting
  • Activities of daily living program support
  • Specialty rehab programs (wound prevention, continence, responsive behaviours)
  • Education and in-services
  • Comprehensive reporting aligned with Ministry of Health requirements
  • Client web portal
  • Workplace wellness and injury management

Services for Residents:

  • Ministry of Health-funded physio assessments and treatments
  • Convalescent care programs
  • Occupational therapy
  • Assistive Devices Program assessments
  • Massage therapy
  • Falls prevention program
  • Pain management
  • Group exercise programs
  • Privately funded one-on-one therapy (in retirement homes)
  • Approved provider for Veterans Affairs and many insurance companies

Why choose Lifemark?

We provide service to over 25,000 seniors per year, and have been in business for over 30 years

We are one of the largest and most experienced providers of seniors rehabilitation, with services available across Canada.

We have been CARF Accredited since 2010

Achieving CARF Accreditation (Commission on the Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities) means that we have demonstrated a commitment to continuous quality improvement and the highest standards of business practices. We are the only long-term care rehabilitation provider in Ontario to achieve this.

We are the only provider to use Canadian Institute for Health Information data to create rehab specific reporting

We source and analyze the same data that long-term care homes receive, and with it we create rehab-specific reporting that helps homes understand and improve their quality indicators.

Our local regional managers are experienced therapists or former long-term care managers

Our managers spend multiple days a year at client homes supporting both the therapy team and the staff through quality assurance and training.

We provide a variety of education and training options to your staff, residents and families

We help our customers meet the annual requirements for mandatory staff education and also promote wellness and exercise awareness to residents and families. We also have an extensive Nursing Restorative/Rehab training program to help you build your staff’s capabilities in this area.

We can create customized, and cost effective, programs specifically for retirement homes

We know that residents in retirement homes can have difficulty accessing quality therapy and exercise programming without funding. We have worked with many homes to create service models that offer affordable options for on-going care.

Our staff have helped over 85% of the residents we serve successfully achieve their primary rehabilitation goal.*

(*for those who completed a full episode of care – data collected from long-term care residents in 2015).

Looking to speak with us? Simply call 1-877-696-1620
or email seniorswellness@lifemark.ca

We are the only company investing in new programs and tools to support our staff and customers.

Group Exercise Programming

Supporting functional fitness and falls prevention, in partnership with the Canadian Centre for Activity and Aging.

Falls Toolkit

Clinical and administrative resources for therapy staff and home management.

Customer Portal

Makes it easier for our clients to access reporting and service information online.

Quality Dashboard Tool

Integrates multiple sources of information, enhancing our quality assurance process for customer homes.

Best Practice Care Pathways

Supports the episodic care funding model in long-term care.

“Seniors Wellness is commended for its development of health services programs and research, and efforts to improve outcomes for the residents served. The services provided are highly regarded by patients, their families, and the staff at the facilities.” — CARF Surveyor